Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What we did in class today. Wednesday, 10/7/09

Today in class we finished up watching the movie Gun, Germs, and Steel. I really enjoyed this movie and hope we watch and take notes on movies throughout the rest of this year. I found the question that Jared diamond answered about how some countries are rich while other countries are poor very interesting. We learned about animal domestication and plant domestication. Animal domestication and plant domestication are a huge part of the reason why some countries are rich while other countries are poor. A huge part of why domesticated animals and plants are in some countries when they are not in others is the weather. A place in the world that is not geologically gifted is New Guinea. New Guinea does not have any domesticated animals and it is very hard to grow plants there. New Guinea is not globalized. It is not connected with the rest of the world. Alot of people probaly have never even heard of New Guinea. I actually have never heard of New Guinea before this movie. I do not know if it is possible to modernize New Guinea. It would be extremely difficult to. That is what we did in Human Geography class today.

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