Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Notes on Hurricane Katrina Video

The levees on the Eastern side of New Orleans were not built correctly, therefore they were over topped.

The disaster was all over the news when it was happening.

The water came into peoples houses and flouded it.

Houses and cars were swept away by the flouding.

They were waves up to 15 feet that crashed into the levees.

The water was discusting because it was also sewage. So the water was brown and it had diseases and if you had a cut you could get an infection from it.

The whole preperation for the hurricane was a complete epic fail.

Once the water got into the city there was no way to manage it because you could not get it out because of the levees.

People went to bed and there house was dry but then they would wake up in the middle of the night and water would be all the way up to there waist. The people had to stay awake so that they could be prepared for that.

When the water stopped raising they began to resume work on the floud walls which failed to do its job.

It would take over a month before the city could be completely dry.

The people whose houses got flooded had to go to live in the dome or a airplane hanger so they could be safe and dry.

100,000 people satyed home for this hurricane.

Some parts of New Orleans did not recieve a hurricane 3 hurricane. Instead they recieved a 2 to 3 category hurricane.

Some people had the theory that the levees were not over topped instead they were under mined.

The people will try to repair the levees so that they can sustain a category 3 hurricane for the next hurricane season.

The next hurricane season ended up being one of the worst hurricane seasons ever.

The hurricane intensity has changed over the years, nut they say that the ammount of hurricanes has not changed.

1 hurricane is equivelent to about 10 atomic bombs.

Gloabal warming is one theory why there are more intence hurricanes. But some people do not agree with this.

Scientist believe that things will get worse before they will get better.

New Orleans has been trying to improve there levves for the next hurricane.

Th people of New Orleans are trying to think of other ways then levees to improve there hurricane pretection plan.

The people of New Roleans have lost so much.

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