Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Notes on Guns, Germs, and Steel- 10/6/09

The Granry was an oval shape place where the people stored food or crops such as grain. There was enough grain to fill the granary . The people began to grow there own food due to the drought. There were hunters and gatherers before that time. The wonem would gather fruits and vegtables when the men would hunt animals such as deer in order to have food. They are in the Miidle East at this time in the video. The time period is approximatleys 11 thousand years ago.

Whaet and barley were the easiest plants to grow and to harvest. They woulld select the seeds from the wheat and barley that were the best and would be the easiest to grow the next time they plant the seeds. They would not pick the bad seeds.

The way we harvest and row crops now is not that much different from the way they did it along time ago.

Farming did not bring benefits to the people in New Guinea. Archeologist believe that people have been farming in New Guinea for 10,000 years now.

Thats why the question why we are such a rich country when countries such as New Guinea barely have anything.

10,000 years ago whatever was growing near you is what you had to eat.

In New Guinea they can not grow crops such as Grain and Wheat because of the conditions there. This is a huge disadvantage because Grains and barley are crops that can be stored and they are alos very nutricious and good for your health.

Farming was very crucial to how some countries are rich and some countries have nothing.

For example Americans have an advantage over people who live in New Guinea because th people in America have better farming conditions and the grow more nutriciuos crops such as grain and barley.

Animal domestication- means that you use animals for milk and work.
Plant domestication- Selecting which plants you wan to grow.
Geographic luck- this means that some countries are luckier then others when it comes to growing crops.

Goats and sheep are the first to be domesticated in the modern world.

Before the invention of machines animals were the most powerful machines.

A horse or an ox can increase the productivity of farms.

The pig was not a domestic animal. Although pigs do give you meat. They do not have muscle power.

In New guinea the only muscle power they have is humans muscle power. Almost all of the farm work is done by land.

How many animals in the world have been domesticated?

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