Friday, October 23, 2009

Notes from class today- 10/23/09

Different places in different worlds have different climates therefore having different food.

People adapt to there climate, geography, and there geographic luck.

The world needs food.

Climate determines what food is grown in a particular area.

Climate links us in our globalized economy.

Meteorologist processes are complicated.

Cultural, economy, and technology determine how people adapt to their climate.

Five main factors influence climate
- Solar energy
- Latitude
- Interaction between land and water
- World pressure systems
- Global wind patterns

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that results in trapping of solar radiation in the lower atmosphere.

Solar energy is essential to human survival.

Without the greenhouse effect the world would be to warm for us to live in.

Lines of latitude are called paralel lines because they are paralel to the equator.

Latitude at the North and South poles are 90 degrees.

There is a build up in heat in the tropics that is given out.

Latitude is the horizontal lines that run east and west on maps but they are measured north and south.

Insulation means that different places have different weather patterns and everything that is affected by the weather is different.

The Earth has uveven heatin.

Latidudal changes is the changing of heat between north and south.

Location plays a huge part in the heat changes.

Cells create there own weather systems.

There are high pressure cells and there are low pressure cells.

The cells produce the world storm systems.

You cant have storm systems withput both high and low pressure cells.

Wind pressure is very important to the study of human geography because wind pressure decides which weather will occur in an area.

The pressure systems cause global wind patterns.

Wind is caused when air flows from high pressure to low pressure.

wind will cause monsoons to create over the Indian Ovean and travel towards India.

The same goes fow hurricane across the Atlantic Ocean.

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