Monday, October 26, 2009

What we did in class today. Monday 10/26/09

Today in class we had a class discusion about global warming. This discusion was very interesting and it showed the perspectives of students in our class on global warming. Many of us felt very strongly about global warming while others of us did not really care and did not have a huge opinion on it. I really enjoyed having this discusion because I learned a lot about global warming and how it is effecting our world. At first before I knew all of this information about global warming, I did not really have an opinion on it and I felt that it did not really effect my life. Now that I know more about it I feel as if it does effect my life more and I am gonna pay more attention to it. I now realize all of the effects global warming has on our world and we should be more aware of it. That is what I learned in class today.

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