Monday, October 19, 2009

Notes on Hurricane Katrina Video

Hurrican Katrina was a killer storm.
It was one of the most tragic hurricanes ever.
Sadly many people died becuase of this hurricane.

Hurricane Pam was a simulation of what would happen if a hurricane did hit New Orleans.
This would shpw how and teach people what they should do if a hurricane hit them.
They simulated hurricane Pam one year before hurricane Katrina happened.
People did not take the simulation seriously though.

One third of people evacuated when hurricane Ivan hit, but hurricane Ivan never did hit New Orleans. That is one reason why people did not evacutate New Orleans when the hurricane hit.

A tropical depression comes first, them a tropical storm, then a hurricane.
There are five different catagories of hurricanes. Category one is the lowest, and category five is the highest.

New Orleans lies between two lands of water. They are just off the Gulf of Mexico. They are pretty much in a bowl, and they are below see level.

Huricane Katrina was a tru combination of Physical Geography and Human Geography becuase it is Physical Geography because it shows the power of the huricane and it shows how New Orleans was not geographically ready for a hurricane with the power of hurricane Katrina. It is human Geogrpahy becuase it shows how humans reacted to this hurricane.

Levee's are like walls that are used to block the water and get it out of the city. So it is pretty much a wall used to keep water out.

People new before Hurricane Katrina was going to be a huge disaster.

Some people left, some people couldn't leave becuase of transportation purposes, and some people just didn't feel the need to leave and just stayed there.

Hurricane Kattrina was a category five hurricane.

Hurricane Katrina hit at 6:10 a.m.

Hurricane Katrina horrible flouded the city and pretty much put the city under the ground.

The leeves actually made the flouding worse because now the water could not get out because of the levees and the levves trapped the water inside of the city.

There were multiple breaks in the levees.

This is probaly the most destructive hurricane ever tp hit this world.

75% of New Orleans was under the water.

The Army had to use helicopters to save the people and to see if the levees broke or not.

Many people were on there ceilings standing trying to get the attention of the people in the helicopters so that they can be saved.

The levves failed because the water over-topped the levees.

There were 60,000 houses that were damaged and beyond repair.

The floud walls were undermined. The walls were under repaired and not built right.

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