Friday, November 13, 2009

Questions for Test- Adam Isennock, Peter Wenger, Connor McDermott, Paul Dykstra. 11/13/09

1. How many people live in the North American Region? 335 million people

2. Give one of the three stages of population and settlement? Settlers surge against the Appalachian Mountains.

3. Where does the megalopolis stretch from? Boston to NYC to Philly to Baltimore to Washington DC.

4. In the year 2008 what percent of North America was urban? 82%

5. 200 years ago what percent of North America was urban? 5%

6. What was the poverty rate in The US in 2007? 13%

7. In 2007 what was the poverty rate in Canada? 18%

8. How many years has immigrants have been arriving into North America for? 400 years.

9. What number is the Unites States ranked for the top Spanish speaking nations? 5th

10. How many miles do America and Canada share along the border? 5,525

11. What countries do we import a lot of oil from? Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Africa.

12. True or false does this region have the world’s most powerful economy? True.

13. Name one theme out of the five themes of human geography? Population and Settlement.

14. True or false, is North America the last remaining global superpower? True

15. What are the main sources that contribute to air modification? Industries, utilities, and automobiles.

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