Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Notes from class today- 11/10/09

Environmental georaphy has a big affect on our land. It plays a big affect on peoples jobs and how they are set up. It deals with the environment and where it is located.

Population settlement. in North America there is a diverse population. There are 335 million people in North America. North america is The United States and Canada. Agriculture played a big part on North America's settlement. People came into North America from Europe early on.

The majority of North America used to be farmland. The Europeans moved West to states like Maryland. People went North because there was industrilization. We are a very mobal nation and people have been moving all across the nation bacuase of there job and better jod oppurtunities.

There are many different forest and land areas in different regions. we are an environmentally diverse nation.

Cultural Coherence and Diversity. There are five stages to this that show the immigration and where the people come from. we come from all different places across the world.

Globilization has formed the climate soil and other things of North America. There are three thingd that were introduced to America from the europeans are cattle, horses, and wheat.

Geopolitical Framework. This deals with countries interacting with other countries. Canada and The Unites States are considered conitnental neighboors.

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