Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Notes and what we did in class today. 11/11/09

Today in class we finished up presenting the essays of the five themes of geography. we alos went over a powerpoint on what we are learning right now. The five themes of human geography are Environmetal Geography, Population and Settlement, Culural Coherence and Diversity, Geopolitical Framework, and Economic and Social developement. All five of these themes relate to how North America was shaped and formed. Environmental Geography has to do with the global climate change in North America. Population and Settlement relates to North America by it shows hows cities expand and how the population becomes larger. Cultural Coherence and Diversity relates to North America by it talks about how we are a diverse region, and it also talks about immigration. Geoploitical Framework relates to North America by it talks about how it shapes the poiltical geography's with in the region. Economic and Social Developement has to do with North America by it plays a big role in economic globilization. That is what we did in class today.

North America is Culurally diverse, rich in natural resources, Ultra -globalized.

We are the last remaining global superpower.

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