Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Notes on the population pyramid.

The Population Pyramid

The population pyramid can help human geographers determine what will happen to the country's population.

We should be able to determine the nations prosperity by using the population pyramid.

Population pyramids graphically represent the age and gender distribution of a certain population.
They can be represented by region or by country.
They help human geographers determine what is happening to individual populations across the globe.

Age: population pyramids visually present the population of a particular country broken down by age.
Males on left females on right.

Young and old population: Percentage of population under the age 15. Global average Is 30.low is 17 percent (Europe); high of 42 percent (Africa). High number indicates great potential for future growth. Percentage of population over 65. Identifies need to health care and social services.

Life expectancy: average number of years a person is expected to live; affected by many factors.

What country has an overall higher life expectancy? B.

What country has a larger percentage of young population? A.

If both countries currently have the same total population , WHICH COUNTRIES POPULATION WILL BE TWENTY YEARS FROM NOW? WHY? B. Because it stays pretty much even through out the whole pyramid.

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