Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Questions for the movie "God Grew Tired Of Us". 12/9/09

1. What Academy Award winning actress narrates the documentary?
Nicole Kidman

2. In what countries does the film take place?
Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, America

3. List the main characters of the film.
Panther Bior, Daniel Abol Pach, John Bul,

4. Define refugee. A refugee is someone who flees a country or place do to hard times such as persecution or war.

5. Define IDP.
IDP is a Internationally displaced person.

6. The film centers around a group of boys. What are they called?
The group is called "The Dinkas".

7. Track the movement of the boys after they leave their homes in their original country (the answer to number 2).
Sudan, then to a refugee camp in Ethiopia, then to a refugee camp in Kenya, there is a refugee camp in Kenya called Kakuma, then to America. Daniel and Panther are going to Pittsburg, and John bul is in Syracuse New York,

8. What are some major differences between the lives of the boys and your own life, specifically when they are living in the refugee camps?
The life of the boys in this movie and my own life are very different especially when the boys are in the refugee camp. At the refugee camp the boys are very limited to what they do. In my life we live in a free country. There is a very small amount of food in the refugee camp in Kenya. Almost all of the people there are extremely skinny and to the point where they are almost starving. In my life I can just simply go to the grocery store to get food. The kids also have huge responsibilities. John Bul used an example when he said that when he was at the age of thirteen his job was to bury peoples bodies. This was a job that no one in America would ever experience. Those are some major differences between the lives of the boys and my own life.

9. What are some of the difficulties that they boys must deal with when they arrive in the United States? How are their lives different in the United States in comparison to their home countries?
Some of the difficulties that the boys must deal with when they arrive in the United States are they are not use to the culture in America. They do not know how to use electricity because they did not have electricity there and they have other struggles such as how to make food. There lives in the United States is different in comparison to their home countries because in there home countries the people do everything together and everyone there was extremely friendly and always welcoming and willing to help. Where in America John Bul says that if you go to someone's door to ask for help or ask them a question they will call the police. In America people are also not always together. People are independent in America where they can get there own jobs. Those are the differences in the lives of people in the united States in comparison to countries such as Kenya.

10. Answer the following question only after you conclude the viewing of the film:

The title of the film, "God Grew Tired of Us", seems to be somewhat ironic after hearing the account of the boys first hand. Explain why the title is ironic using specific examples from the film. Do the boys really believe that God had abandoned them? Or is their faith stronger than ever? Why? Give examples.
The title of this movie "God Grew Tired Of Us" is ironic to this film because when the boys were living in Africa they had so many struggles. Some of the struggles that the people from Africa had in this film are many people are starving there and their is a war in their home country which is Sudan, and many people have been separated from their families. I do not believe that these boys felt that God actually did abandon them, I just think that they felt sorrow for themselves because of there difficulties in there home countries. I believe that there faith actually is stronger now because it truly does show that God cares for them. At the end of the story it said that John Bul and Panther both met up with members of there families which I think made there faith stronger.

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